Artists Mothers Working
Open meeting with Marie Déhé
Libreria delle donne di Milano

November 11 2023, 18:30-20:00    

Marie Déhé is a photographer and visual artist based in Paris and founder of the publishing house Asiro éditions. Her latest project, Artists Mothers Working, concerns the relationship between artistic practices and motherhood today. “How do we do it?” is the question that guides her in this research on the representation and visibility of women artists. The result of the work will be an installation that brings together archival collected material and contemporary images. For this reason Marie would like to receive images and reflections from women artists interested in participating in her collaborative research, to include as many voices and experiences as possible.

On Friday, November 17, at Libreria delle Donne in Milan, Marie has presented her work and research process. Not only all women artists were invited, but also anyone and everyone working in the artistic field who has an interest in participating, taking the floor, asking questions, sharing material.
Along with the talk, a display curated with us has been held at Libreria with visual and textual materials collected by the artist up to this point in her research. The installation is part of our series Travelling Table, marking Travelling Table N° 01.

Artists involved in the installation:
Aliette Salama
Alisa Tretau
Ana Rita Sousa
Babette Semmer
Carmen Winant
Charlotte de Mezamat
Elaine Woo MacGregor*
Elisa Vendramin
Fanny Muller
Giada Carnevale
Gülbin Kulbay
Herlinde Raeman
Inès Elichondoborde
Krissima Poba
Laura Dillon Rogers
Maggie Brink 
Margaux Henry-Thieullent
Mariana Ferratto
Polly Brown
Sara Basta
Shirley Cameron
Suze Alba
Therese Ekström
Yuliya Gwilym


Artists Mothers Working
Marie Déhé, in conversation with Giorgia Basch
Introduction by Marta Equi Pierazzini
Libreria delle Donne di Milano, via Pietro Calvi 29, 20129 Milan
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Marie Déhé (1987, France) is a photographer and publisher. Her work revolves around the question of the representation of female identity and intimacy. Her practice is rooted in the everyday gesture through self-portraiture and documentation of her personal universe. She has published several books including the self-published Self-help in 2021, and with Art Paper Editions We have been meaning to, a collection of photographs and poems with author Haydée Touitou in 2020, and Distant intimacy, a series of portraits of 28 women photographed from a distance, in May 2022. She has her own publishing house, Asiro éditions, with which she published Correspondence, her third book.

Images © 2023 Marie Déhé and the artists.