BilderAtlas is a studio engaged in visual practice, publishing and cultural research from a feminist, interdisciplinary perspective. Identifying a common way across diverse fields and temporal planes, it explores new perspectives on cultural production, art direction, curation and women’s politics and organizing.

BilderAtlas owes its name to Aby Warburg’s radical form of visual study, but also to the proximity of the spoken words “bilder” and “builder” (“bɪldɚ”), and their immediate association with construction: the creation of new organization systems and new complexes through collaborative action and in-process artworks, researches and practices.
The studio sees art-making and the development of cultural as well as commercial projects as a form of human sociality. For this reason, some of the activities carried by the studio are inextricably discursive and relational: it art directs projects; it publishes books; it curates installations; it conceives and takes part in talks, conferences, lectures; it organizes closed and open meetings; it develops new research and curatorial methods. It experiments with ways to gather, hold space, build alliances and create together by way of visual and written language. It constantly blurs and reinvents our relationships with works of art and works in fashion.

The studio methodology is collaborative, ever-evolving and international. It cooperates globally with artists, researchers, photographers, filmmakers, academics, curators, cultural workers, collectives, art and cultural institutions, fashion houses, editorial and broadcasting platforms on projects of varying scale, with the aim of opening up the concept of art with regard to what a work could still be and do beyond the functions established by tradition.

As a publishing house, BilderAtlas delivers the the editorial series Eight poems by, an account of women’s visual investigations at present. Concurrently, it collaborates on co-published volumes together with established publishing outlets. These projects are presented through a network of institutions and communities worldwide.

It contains multitudes, it’s a shared vision.


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20135 Milan, Italy
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Giorgia Basch
Founder and Creative Director
Born 1992, Art director and feminist researcher

Linda Marana
Cultural planning and funding

Gabriella Zen
Finance and administration 

Web design and development BilderAtlas
Identity Jurgen Maelfeyt


BilderAtlas operates through several “actions”  (other seen as “services”):
Art direction
Image and film direction
Editorial direction
Cultural programming

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Le Stanze della Fotografia
Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore
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