Eight poems by

Eight poems by is a series issued by BilderAtlas delivering eight objects a year that range from printed matter to designs and art pieces.
An account of women’s visual investigations at present, the series has a non-linear, multifaceted approach that is a testament to feminism’s non-ideological thought and to the idea of moving between unique standpoints and perspectives with authenticity and freedom.
Eight poems by is a tool to put the artists in the spot. The name brings attention to subjectivity and female authorship as a response to the crucial necessity of revealing the complexity and forcefulness of women’s thought and vision. Acts of self-expression, personal histories: the artists’ experience is materialized into objects that exist within a shared curatorial system, informing and building on one another into a living archive made available to the public. Works are not understood as contextually bound, rather a new utterance is ascribed to every visual through the curatorial process. Setting objects free from the ties of the past keeps open the potential of reading an artist's motifs based on horizontal relations among images, constituted by connections, sequences and shifts. Each project becomes somehow an island, a panel, a shared space.
Personal, custom-built artworks point to a resignification and remodeling of existing structures that allows each singularity to express itself openly, contributing to the formation of an-other culture that is set to root out the existing order and shape new worlds.

About the publications
Characterized by a system of white slipcases that echo the publications of the conceptual art movement, each Eight poems by book is devoted to photography as an art pratice.
Every object visually displays a dialogue between the subjects and the photographer, forming a published constellation of collectively- made portraits and worlds. A textual afterimage consisting of two cards with an eight-question interview to the artist accompanies the artwork.

Olimpia Taliani de Marchio, Flower Island

€ 34,00

Eight Poems by N° 01

B Bag

€ 79,00 

Object N° 00
Tote bag in white organza with printed logo