Bibi Tomasi

Photographic archive curation for Libreria delle donne

Curating, scanning and editing the image archive of photographer and writer Bibi Tomasi for Italian feminist collective Milan’s Women’s Bookshop, founded in 1975.


Feminist vacation in Carloforte


Libreria delle donne, via Pietro Calvi 29, Milan


Some words bv feminist writer and activist Lea Melandri on that feminist vacation in Sardegna, from her personal online archive:

"In spite of the seriousness of events that happened the the economic crisis, dismissals, strikes, clashes between militants of opposing factions, the departure of the Nap and the Red Brigades - 1975 represents a year of particular importance for feminism.
In the summer women from various Italian cities invade th island of San Pietro (Carloforte) for what will remain  memorable feminist holidav. The idea was born during my trip to Sardinia, where I wa invited to hold a meeting at the Universitv of Cagliari, together with other feminist scholars. It was there that I heard about the beauty of the island and the possibility of
going on holiday - they told me - "with some friends". At the height of the movement, "some friends." it's bee rumored. became two hundred. It was an experience destined to leave its mark. with baths, sunshine but als assemblies, lively discussions and dances, dinners, an unusual daily routine. A young left-wing alderman called it "a beneficial trauma'".

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